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Easy Rice Krispies Treat Idea

8 Feb

This week before Valentine’s day, I’m going to post some simple ideas that you can whip up with easy-to-find ingredients and supplies. This first one is so easy it really doesn’t require much instruction, but they’re fun and kids love them.

Make some Rice Krispies Treats and press them into a sheet pan. It should be level with the top of your pan, so if your recipe is too small to fill the whole pan, just fill part of it.  Sprinkle on some fun edible confetti and press down with a flat spatula so the sprinkles stick.

Let the treats cool and set for an hour or two, then cut with a cookie cutter.

Simple shapes are the best for these- Hearts, stars or flowers are great.

Put them on a plate and serve.

OR…  If you’re feeling extra fancy, insert lollipop sticks, cover with a cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon, and make some super-cute EASY Valentine party favors.

Note: If you’re going to put them on sticks, smaller shapes are the way to go (about 3″). Any larger than that, and they’ll want to fall off the sticks.

And what do you do with all the scraps after you cut your shapes?


I don’t know. Mine always disappear!