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PME Tips

12 Apr

Here’s a little quickie about PME tips.

First a little background about me and PME tips. I’m a stubborn person. I learned to decorate cakes and cookies with Wilton and Ateco tips. They work fine. They cost about a dollar a piece, so I can buy lots and not sweat it too much when they get mangled in the garbage disposal. Which happens to me.  A lot.  So I kind of dug in my heels and refused to try the PMEs at almost $5 a pop.

Well, I started getting some requests to carry them in my store, and I have this thing about my store– “If I don’t love it, I won’t sell it”–  Soooo… I had to give in and try them out. And the results? Awesome!! How did I live without them?? My favorite by far for outlining is the 1.5. I keep asking Mike to bring me some home when I’m decorating, but we’re always out of them!! 😀 I just can’t keep them in stock.  So I currently have ONE that I wash out and use with all of my colors. Not even kidding.

So I had been meaning to write up a post extolling the virtues of PME tips when I got an email from one of our great customers, Kris. She did it just as well (or better!) than I could have, so I asked for her permission to share her great insights. So, from Kris about PME tips:

What a huge difference.. I am in love with them. I must order more very soon. I attached 2 photos of the comparisons of a PME 1.5   PME 2.0 and a Wilton 2.0    All with the same bag of icing withing 2 minutes of each other.. I am shocked at the difference. No wonder my writing always looked bad…. It was the tip all along. I have always had good penmanship except with frosting..I am in love with these new tips!

Here is the piping still wet:

And dry:

A few days later, Kris sent me a follow-up email:

Just another note to say how much better the PME tips work than Wilton. I am so convinced! I have told everyone I know about them and I hope you continue to carry them. I am attaching a pic of a  couple cookies  to compare.
Wilton tip #2 vs. PME tip #2.   It is like night and day!

The one on the left was Wilton #2, the one on the right is PME #2

Thanks so much Kris!!

Have you tried them yet? If you haven’t, here’s your chance. I’ll give one winner a set of every PME Supatube that we carry– 00, 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3— so you can try them out for yourself. Just comment on this post by Midnight Wednesday, April 13 ,and I’ll choose a winner using Good luck!

Kelly’s Birthday

10 Mar

This cake requires some explanation and a little Kelly History lesson. 😀 When Kelly was about 18 months old, she discovered “White Baby”. There were actually two babies– White Baby and Blue Baby– which were leftover jumbo beanie babies from the late 90s. She played with both, but White Baby became her favorite, and she couldn’t live without her.

This is Kelly and White baby in 2003:

Awww, look how cute they were back then! Through the years, White baby has gone through the washing machine more times than I can count, until a few years ago when I decided that one more trip might do her in. Several years ago, Mike and I were talking about how sad it will be when White Baby goes the way of all the earth. He decided to immortalize her in a photo montage and presented it to Kelly for Christmas. Here is Kelly today with White Baby and the photo montage that her Daddy so lovingly prepared for her. (It usually hangs on her bedroom wall– and it’s really dusty!!)

Isn’t that the cutest? I thought that was so sweet of Mike. Poor White Baby is looking pretty rough these days. She has a bad case of the mange.

When Kelly told me that she wanted a “Stuffed Animal” themed cake this year, I thought it might be fun to do a White Baby cake for her.

I’m not very experienced at fondant modeling, but I decided to give it a try. I did three figures, each one imitating the pictures in her photo montage.

Some close ups:

Probably a little too close-up, since you can see all of my mistakes! Oh well.

I have a favorite cake decorating buttercream that I’ve used for years, but I decided to try my newly discovered cupcake icing and see how it would do for cake decorating– borders, flowers, etc. It worked awesome! I did a border with tip 101 roses, and it worked beautifully for those.

Kelly wanted lemon filling, so I flavored the frosting with 2 tsp. of lemon emulsion to go along with it, and it was so delicious! I will definitely be using that again and again.

Mike commented yesterday about how presentation is everything. We were just doing a small party with our family and some cousins, so I didn’t want a huge cake, but I wanted it to look special.  This whole thing was only one cake mix. I did two 6-inch layers for the top cake, and used the rest of the batter to make mini cupcakes. That’s all pretty small stuff, but presented on a tiered cake stand, it looked a lot bigger and more exciting than it really was!

Happy birthday to my Kelly!

Onesie Kit Winner

10 Mar

Kelly was very excited to pick the winning number this morning (and she also appreciated all of your birthday wishes!).

And the winner is Pita from Dulce Decoracion in Spain.  Congratulations, Pita! I sent you an email, but if you don’t see it, you can contact us with your mailing address at contact at karenscookies dot net.

We had a happy birthday at our house. I didn’t make any cookies for the occasion (I think my kids are tired of cookies!) but I’ll post pictures of her cake soon.

Easy Rice Krispies Treat Idea

8 Feb

This week before Valentine’s day, I’m going to post some simple ideas that you can whip up with easy-to-find ingredients and supplies. This first one is so easy it really doesn’t require much instruction, but they’re fun and kids love them.

Make some Rice Krispies Treats and press them into a sheet pan. It should be level with the top of your pan, so if your recipe is too small to fill the whole pan, just fill part of it.  Sprinkle on some fun edible confetti and press down with a flat spatula so the sprinkles stick.

Let the treats cool and set for an hour or two, then cut with a cookie cutter.

Simple shapes are the best for these- Hearts, stars or flowers are great.

Put them on a plate and serve.

OR…  If you’re feeling extra fancy, insert lollipop sticks, cover with a cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon, and make some super-cute EASY Valentine party favors.

Note: If you’re going to put them on sticks, smaller shapes are the way to go (about 3″). Any larger than that, and they’ll want to fall off the sticks.

And what do you do with all the scraps after you cut your shapes?


I don’t know. Mine always disappear!