Summer Cookie Cutter Set Winners!

19 Sep

Oops! So sorry for the delay in announcing the winners! I guess I’ve fallen right off the blog wagon… but I’m hopping back on! I have some fun cookies to share with you!

But first, here are the winners of the Wilton Summer Cookie Cutters:


This year was a lazy, hazy days of summer. Here in Texas we spent the summer trying to stay COOL. Glad you are back, we missed you

Jenn J

Did a little baking…using some supplies I order from y’all :) Enjoyed the time outdoors, grilling, hanging out with friends. Glad you’re back and glad to year you enjoyed your summer like I did!


I spent most of my summer baking and decorating cookies lol!

Thanks for the great contest!


Sounds like you had a great summer!!! I worked and gardened all summer. Loved the gardening!!!!!Great to see your posts.


So excited to see your post again, Karen! This summer was the most exciting one for us (as parents) – my boys have gotten over the fear of water finally, and spent a lot of time in our friend’s pool. I was jumping up and down with joy seeing them so eager to get into the water instead screaming and crying their hearts out! lol…

Congratulations ladies! I’ve sent all of you emails, so look for that, or email me your address to contact at karenscookies dot net.

Sounds like everybody had a good summer. I was so happy to hear from all of you, and enjoyed reading your comments!  Thank you for welcoming me back (and sorry I disappeared again! I’ll get the hang of this blog thing sooner or later!)  Look for another post and giveaway SOON! 😀


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